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Broadcast Rental substantially expands their Mobile Viewpoint range

Broadcast Rental has invested heavily in the expansion of their range of WMT transmitters and Playout servers from Mobile Viewpoint. This allows the company to meet the increased demand from its customers.

The expansion of the range consists of the purchase of several WMT Agile Airlinks and WMT playout encoding servers. New in stock is the Terralink-4CM. The TerraLink-4CM Remote is the first bonded rack transmitter that encodes 4 synced streams at the same time for full remote production. With the TerraLink-4CM Remote it is possible to do multi-camera shoots without the need of an OB van on site.

In addition, Broadcast Rental also offers the possibility to work with the Webstreamur application.

WMT Agile Airlink, no input signal, 4G transmitter

Geert Paul Slee, CEO Broadcast Rental: “Mobile Viewpoint offers portable and fixed coding devices to enable a fast and reliable video contribution with just one push on the button. We see the growth of our range as an investment in our partnership with Mobile Viewpoint and we think it is great to have the opportunity to serve a wide range of customers internationally with this product from the Netherlands. This is right up our alley and honors our motto; “Linking Professionals.”

About Mobile Viewpoint

Mobile Viewpoint offers portable and fixed encoding devices to enable fast and reliable video contribution with just a click of a button. In combination with our LinkMatrix web platform, a video feed is published on Facebook and Youtube at the same time. The LinkMatrix enables the creation of playlist and live switching turning Facebook and Youtube into a full broadcast channel. Mobile Viewpoint supports the latest H.265 video encoding technology which enables the highest quality possible quality using the lowest bandwidth and our award-winning bonding technology.