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BMW GS1250 Broadcasting Motor

Fully Equipped Broadcasting Motor

New in the Broadcast Rental fleet is a fully equipped, inhouse developed broadcasting motor. Broadcast Rental invested seriously in the right materials to harness this motorcycle for live (sports) registrations, therefore the designers listened carefully to all the advice from the people who ultimately work with it. Besides the BMW GS1250 Broadcast Rental has to offer, there are several kits available to rig additional motorcycles.


Fully Equipped

The motor can be equipped with a classic RF system where the signal can be sent directly or via a relay to the destination. The talkback system is designed in such a way that both the Motard and the Cameraman can adjust the level of the four external inputs which can be connected to it. One of these four inputs can be, for example a N-1.

In addition, it is also possible to integrate a bonding system (4 or 5G) for the distribution using various telecom providers. To achieve an optimal interaction between the Motard and the Cameraman, a small monitor has been installed at the handlebar for the Motard to see which shots are taken and respond to them. It is even possible to have full camera control which include Tally during the live broadcast.

Stable Standing Position

Specially designed steps are mounted for the Cameraman for extra grip and in addition to maintain a stable standing position.

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose system for both RF and Bonding (4/5G)
  • Talkback between Motard, Cameraman and Production, with the possibility to connect 4 external sources that can be controlled independently
  • Push to talk button for Talkback from the motorcycle
  • Additional power supply – to allow the system to continue operating when the motor is turned off – is recharged when the engine is running
  • Monitor on handlebar for better cooperation between Cameraman and Motard
  • Arai motorcycle helmets for maximum safety and great comfort with built-in Talkback system
  • Extra wide steps for Cameraman
  • Can be used on any standard BMW GS1250


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