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Broadcast Rental Cambox

Meet our new, fully remote & portable CAMBOX!

The Broadcast Rental Cambox is an innovative, plug & play solution, containing everything that an AV-crew can provide. Video, light and sound – all can be controlled remotely – anywhere you want!

No crew on the road, no transport or hotel costs and less impact on the environment. The Cambox is a flexible, secure solution that removes many of the aspects of traditional production, without sacrificing quality. The ideal solution for studio guests or speakers who cannot come to a television studio or don’t want to meet with an AV-Crew. This allows for participation in the television broadcast at a high-quality level.

The Cambox can be used by anyone. Once it is placed at the location of your choice, the Cambox only needs to be switched on and a high-quality signal can be received anywhere you want. The signal is sent via ethernet, WiFi or 4G/5G bonding.

Dimensions (w x h x l)
200x 200 x 480 mm

11.8 kg

Daily Rate
Please call

Without the usual AV-Crew, the Cambox provides an excellent razor-sharp picture with high-quality audio. The framing, lighting and audio level can be controlled remotely. Useful is the spirit level on the Cambox, ensuring a stable and level image. The PTZ camera provides the right shot; the ring-light provides the correct lighting. The only thing the person in front of the Cambox needs to be concerned about is what he or she will say in front of the camera!

The Cambox is equipped with an earpiece and tie clip microphone. The tally ring shows when the person in front of the Cambox is LIVE.
The HD Monitor in the Cambox has user selectable settings, which allows the user to see themselves or they can select Video Return, Picture-in-Picture and even Autocue.

Features of the Cambox:

PTZ Camera
Ethernet WIFI & 4G/%G Bonding for unlimited connectivity
Tally Light
Ring Light
Web-Bases User Portal for fully remote control
Plug & Play
Headphone with Sidetone
Selectable View

  • Live on camera
  • Video Return
  • Picture in Picture
  • Autocue