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Canon HJ14ex 4.3B IASE

Canon HJ14ex 4.3B ENG style lens

The HJ14ex4.3B is the new successor to the long-acclaimed wide angle HJ11ex4.7B portable HDTV production lens offered by Canon. The enthusiastic acceptance of the latter all over the world since its introduction in 2001 encouraged Canon to pursue a further expansion of creative capabilities with a new-generation lens that facilitated an even wider angle of view, while also extending the focal range. Imaging performance has been significantly advanced by mobilizing the most contemporary of optical glasses, optical coating materials and processes, and powerful new optical design tools. Customer feedback also spurred a total redesign of the digital drive unit that further optimized both the ergonomic aspects and the performance of the digital electronic control of zoom, iris, and focus.

The short 4.3mm focal length translates to a 96.3 degree horizontal angle of view for the 16:9 HD image format. Combined with a focal range that has been extended to now cover a range from 4.3mm to 60mm (and 120mm with extender) this lens offers unsurpassed operational capabilities in a compact package weighing less than 4.5lbs. Additionally, focus breathing has been significantly reduced over the predecessor lens.


Dimensions (w x h x l)

34x18x49 cm

12kg incl. flight case

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