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Broadcast Electronics Cuelite Tally control

Broadcast Electronic Cuelite Tally insertion system

This unique product enables control of built in cue lights on camcorders and connected viewfinders. Cuelite takes a mixer tally output and injects commands into the data path between a camcorder and control panel. This feature assists where camcorders are used in live, multi-camera production and removes the need for additional cue systems.
In addition Cuelite can be used to remotely control and monitor the on-board recorder of the camcorder. It can be used with system cameras without the need for a CCU to control the red cue light and green preview light.
The Cuelite is the ideal companion for our Ereca Camracer units and Sony or Arri cameras.

Dimensions (w x h x l)

500 gr

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 Cuelite Datasheet