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DTC 8-Way Diversity RF System

DTC 8-Way Diversity RF System

Together with VideoSys fibre extension system and camera control, the DTC 8-Way diversity RF system can be used in any challenging broadcast environment. From a single camera studio setup to full coverage over long distances, our engineers can help you with all your creative ideas.

Cobham Pro RXB HD receiver provides up to 8 way diversity, in combination with the Cobham Solo7 Nano or Cobham Solo h.264 transmitters. Now available at Broadcast Rental.        Cobham Pro RXB HD receiver provides up to 8 way diversity. Now available at Broadcast Rental.                Cobham Solo7 Nano transmitter provides high quality h264 HD video in a very small form factor. Now available at Broadcast Rental.        


8-Way Diversity

The DTC Pro RX-B or Pro RX-D receiver can by be used up to 8-Way Diversity.

Ultra Low Latency

The DTC Solo h.264 and Solo7 Nano transmitter are equipped with ultra-low delay h.264 encoding.

Small formfactor

The DTC Solo h.264 transmitter is light and small, perfect as a click-on transmitter for any camera. The DTC Solo7 Nano is even smaller and ideal for drones.


VideoSys Fibre Extension and Camera Control can be added to extend reception and control iris and paint as well as tally on the camera itself.

Designed specifically for the demanding broadcast market the PRORXB and PRORXD receivers are feature-rich COFDM receivers/decoders with HD decoding capability in a single enclosure. Supplied in a small 1/2 19″ rack case together with VideoSys fibre extension system and camera control it’s perfect for all wireless needs in any broadcast environment.

The PRORXB and PRORXD receiver units are capable of up to 8-Way diversity RF Inputs, ensuring video is recovered free from the distortions typically associated with fading and multipath. All DVB-T 6/7/8MHz modes are supported, plus Cobham’s 6/7/8MHz UMVL (Ultra Mobile Video Link) modulation – designed to enhance performance when utilising higher frequency bands or in high-speed TX applications such as Motorsport.

Designed to work with external DTC down-converters, the receiver can be located up to 100m from the antennas using standard 75Ω co-axial cables. This can be extended by using the VideoSys fibre extension system. The unit incorporates an extremely flexible decoding platform, with low-delay HD H.264 decoding.

An optional 2nd decoder can be enabled, allowing 2 HD signals to be decoded. Multiple video output formats are offered with composite and SDI outputs in SD mode and HD-SDI in HD mode. SDI/HD-SDI both feature embedded audio and HDMI outputs are provided for use with domestic TV’s. ASI in/out is offered as an option.

A full Genlock facility is available in both SD and HD modes. When in HD mode, an optional down-converted SD composite video monitoring output is also offered.


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