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DTC 8-Way Diversity RF System

DTC 8-Way Diversity RF System

Together with VideoSys fibre extension system and camera control, the DTC 8-Way diversity RF system can be used in any challenging broadcast environment. From a single camera studio setup to full coverage over long distances, our engineers can help you with all your creative ideas.

DTC 8-WAY Diversity RF systemDTC AEON HEVC TransmitterDTC ProRXD ReceiverDTC Solo Nano        

Designed specifically for the demanding broadcast market the PRORXD receivers are feature-rich COFDM receivers/decoders with HD/UHD decoding capability in a single enclosure. Supplied in a small 1/2 19″ rack case together with VideoSys fibre extension system and camera control it’s perfect for all wireless needs in any broadcast environment.

The PRORXD receiver units are capable of up to 8-Way diversity RF Inputs, ensuring video is recovered free from the distortions typically associated with fading and multipath. All DVB-T 6/7/8MHz modes are supported, plus Cobham’s 6/7/8MHz UMVL (Ultra Mobile Video Link) modulation – designed to enhance performance when utilising higher frequency bands or in high-speed TX applications such as Motorsport.

Designed to work with external DTC down-converters, the receiver can be located up to 100m from the antennas using standard 75Ω co-axial cables. This can be extended by using the VideoSys fibre extension system. The unit incorporates an extremely flexible decoding platform, with low-delay HD H.264 decoding.

An optional 2nd decoder can be enabled, allowing 2 HD signals to be decoded. Multiple video output formats are offered with composite and SDI outputs in SD mode and HD-SDI in HD mode. SDI/HD-SDI both feature embedded audio and HDMI outputs are provided for use with domestic TV’s. ASI in/out is offered as an option.

A full Genlock facility is available in both SD and HD modes. When in HD mode, an optional down-converted SD composite video monitoring output is also offered.