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Grass Valley LDX C80 Compact

Grass Valley LDX C80 Compact Premiere

With all of the control features of the LDX Series, LDX Compact establishes a new standard for compact image acquisition — focusing strongly on the specific requirements for cameras with a smaller form factor. All of the typically required video interfaces are available directly on the camera head, including a USB connection for the management of GV-eLicense, firmware upgrades and scene file storage. LDX Compact cameras also offer an HDMI interface for connecting any HD display with an HDMI or DVI interface for camera viewfinder or monitoring display.




High Quality Xensium-FT sensor

The LDX camera range uses the latest version of the Xensium-FT CMOS imaging sensor. The sensor provides better sensitivity and the potential for higher resolution and extended dynamic range.

Grass Valley e-License

The camera can be upgraded temporary to add more features to the LDX C80 Compact. A temporary 7-day e-License can be provided.

Highest Sensitivity

Highest sensitivity and image performance across all of the different acquisition speeds.

Connect Gateway

A full support of the Connect Gateway for the best possible integration into external control systems.

Advanced Imaging, Processing and Performance

The LDX Compact can be used in a wide range of our products. The camera can be used wireless in a Steadicam or Flyline/Cablecam. it’s small form factor allows the camera to be placed in hard to access places.

LDX Compact Series cameras as an extension of the LDX Series: The LDX Compact cameras can match the same look, offer the same image performance, and have the same level of control as the rest of the LDX Series, so they provide the adaptability to be used alongside the system cameras, or work alone where only cameras with a compact form factor can be used.

Unmatched Level of Operational Excellence: The outstanding level of operational features make the camera extremely user friendly. Best possible results can be expected even during the most demanding applications. Operating costs are more easily managed as it is easy to find creative users who will be comfortable with the operational aspects of the LDX Series.

Superior Image Performance: The high level of sensitivity in all the different formats will guarantee the best possible results in combination with the lowest lighting requirements, resulting in lower energy costs for studio cooling.

Digital Color Correction with No Optical Filters: Full digital color correction allows the cameras to be more flexible and adaptable to any given lighting condition. The high sensitivity and low demands to the lighting requirements can be achieved over the full color temperature range.

Complete Imaging Solutions: The LDX camera system offers a unique level of integration into the total production environment. This provides savings in setup time and operation, and also reduces potential errors caused by incorrect camera settings.

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2.5kg (without lens)

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Grass Valley LDX Compact Op Manual
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