NAC Hi-Motion II Ultra Slowmotion

Ultra Slow-Motion camera for demanding sports productions

The NAC Hi-Motion II camera with its high framerate recording and instant replay functionality is the ideal tool to enhance any sport production. Due to the high sensitivity of the camera sensor it’s also perfect for any studio environment.

The NAC Hi-Motion II is the ideal ultra slowmotion camera for any sports or studio production. With framerates up to 1500fps and seamless EVS integration it's ideal for the job.      The NAC Hi-Motion II is the ideal ultra slowmotion camera for any sports or studio production. With framerates up to 1500fps and seamless EVS integration it's ideal for the job.


Ikegami technology

The NAC Hi-Motion II is based on the high quality Ikegami family of cameras.


Simultaneous Live Output

The camera outputs a live feed as well as the ultra-slowmotion output.

High Framerates

The camera can record up to 1000fps in 1080i or 1500fps in 720p.


Integration with EVS

A The operator has a choice of the Musashi Remote Controller or integrating the camera with the EVS LSM Remote.

All captured 150 frames can be permanently recorded with EVS XT[3] or GV K2 Dyno, so not a single moment will be missed or lost. A unique line of advanced imaging cameras built around Xensium- FT CMOS imagers. These cameras have the highest sensitivity and image performance across different video formats. Delivering AnyLightXtreme flicker-free images in speeds up to 6X operation in 1080i and 720p, plus 3X speed operation in 1080p, the LDX XS is the perfect addition for super slow-motion and ultra slow-motion applications, with an additional 1X standard-speed “live” output.

Together with the RefleX SuperXpander it is the perfect match to turns a comfortable shoulder camera quickly and easily into a full-featured studio camera.

3-Chip Sensor

Hi-MotionII is the camera equipped with the B4 mount and 3-chip CMOS that generates 1920x1080 High Definition. The existing HDTV standard ENG or Box Lenses can be attached without any adaptors. The 3-chip CMOS technology provides the same level of image quality to match with normal cameras.

Increased Sensitivity

The higher the frame rate, the less the available light there is for each frame. Light sensitivity is therefore one of the biggest challenges for an ultra slow motion camera. making it possible to shoot ultra slow motion images in a wider variety of settings than ever before.

High-Functioning Painting

The Operation Control Panel (OCP) provides you with the ability to adjust the image quality just like the same feeling you have ever been with normal cameras. This can unite the image quality of Hi-MotionII to the other cameras in the mixed situation.

Flicker Correction Function

Depending on the lightings installed in the fields, flicker can occur. This is due to the interference of the lighting frequency and the recording speed. Hi-MotionⅡ has the Flicker Correction Function implemented, therefore the flicker can be reduced in the ultra slow motion image.

Recording when in Playback

You can record the ultra slow motion image while in playback that is stored inside the memory. Therefore you will not miss any crucial moment happening in front of you.

Excellent Operation and Control from EVS

he industrial standard interface is applied for OCP and Slow Motion Controller of Hi-MotionII. Operators will have no difficulty getting used to it. EVS Multicam LSM can be used as well as the dedicated controller, and no additional operator is necessary.

NAC Image Technology is a company providing high speed cameras for all purpose. The NAC Hi-Motion II camera is available for hire at Broadcast Rental.


Dimensions (w x h x l)
160 x 340 x 460 mm

Daily Rate
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