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RTS KP 32LK Intercom Panel

RTS KP32 Intercom Panel

Super-bright, fluorescent displays, Provide much better visibility and usable life than LCD displays. A display saver mode with programmable scrolling message extends display life and conserves power during periods of inactivity.

32 lever keys, with 30 keys available for full talk/listen configuration. Doubles the number of channels over the KP-9X series keypanels. Keys support both latching (hands-free) and momentary (push-to-talk) operation.

Enhanced programming keypad. Provides the complete KP-9X keypad sequences, plus new keypad sequences, plus an extensive scrollable menu system. Menus include helpful prompts to walk the user through setup.

Dimensions (w x h x l)
19″ 2RU Rack Mount


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