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Sony HDC-P1

The HDC-P1 is a highly compact Point-of-View (POV)-style HD multi-purpose camera based on the sophisticated core technologies of high-end companion camera systems with the HDC-2000 Series, and equipped with the latest full-HD three 2/3-inch CCDs.

The HDC-P1 offers shooting flexibility from almost anywhere, and delivers high-quality full-HD pictures as a standalone camera or system camera that integrates seamlessly with the HDC-2000 Series. Precise adjustment of camera parameters can also be achieved with the remote control panel (RCP) and master setup unit (MSU) developed for Sony’s HDC Series system cameras. The compact and lightweight HDC-P1 is an ideal POV camera for a wide range of uses including unmanned studio robotics cameras, wireless applications with a steadycam, at stadiums, gymnasiums, and other sporting events, and for stereoscopic 3D shooting applications.

Sony HDC P1 frontSony HDC P1 backSony HDC P1

Dimensions (w x h x l)
86 x 212 x 130 mm

1,7 kg

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