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TerraLink-4CM Remote

The TerraLink-4CM Remote is the first bonded rack transmitter that encodes 4 synced streams at the same time for full remote production. With the TerraLink-4CM Remote it is possible to do multi-camera shoots without the need of an OB van on site.

The TerraLink-4CM Remote supports both H.265 and H.264 encoding to insure an end to end compliancy using standard based decoders or IRD’s. Besides IFB the TerraLink-4CM Remote provides a return data signal to do remotely camera control for white balance and color correction. The TerraLink-4CM Remote offers, beside the live option, also a recording feature which records the video on the internal solid state disk. The recordings are transferred using the store and forward mode providing the highest quality possible.

Terralink Mobile Viewpoint     

Dimensions (w x h x l)
1U 19’ rackmount

2,5 kg

Daily Rate
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