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MobileViewpoint WMT Wireless 3G/4G systems

WMT (Wireless Multiplex Technology) systems

The Mobile Viewpoint (MVP) solution bundles the bandwidth of up to 8 3G and 4G connections as well as Wifi and wired ethernet to transmit high quality HD video wireless via the internet.

Full systems including Agile2R or Expert265 transmitter and receiving playout server as well as individual transmitters can be hired at Broadcast Rental. Upon request, sim cards can be supplied with the transmitter.



Bonding links

A The WMT system uses bonding of up to 10 connections including 3G, 4G, WiFi and ethernet.

Remote management

Through the online Video Manager the transmitter and playout server can be remotely controlled.

IFB return audio

An IFB return channel to the transmitter is achieved with less than a second delay.

Fixed low delay

The delay of the transmitter can be set on the unit itself or through the Video Manager interface.

Mobile Viewpoint offers easy-to-operate, light weighted devices which meet the requirements of today live video capturing. All our encoders utilizes bonded IP networks, including 3G/4G cellular wireless networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, BGAN and satellite. It can be used as on backpack solution, in a newsgathering vehicle or from your own smartphone.


Dimensions (w x h x l)
Camera Case 75x36x33 cm

Camera Case 22 kg

Daily Rate
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