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EVS XT VIA 6xUHD 12x 1800GiG


EVS XT VIA 6xUHD 12x 1800GiG

The new EVS XT4K is a dedicated server offering the most reliable and fastest UHD-4K replay.  With up to four channels in flexible in/out combinations, the XT4K drives complete UHD-4K media control from ingest to playout.  The added flexibility of the XT4K lets you bridge your investment to execute HD and Full-HD productions from the same server. In addition to EVS Loop Recording technology and on-board networking option, XT4K provides support of SuperMotion cameras and native XAVC-4K Intra encoding and decoding for live editing, slowmotion replays and multi-channel playback with server-to server transfer options. And unlike other systems, the XT4K makes expansion of your onboard storage easy, and without complex SAN interconnections or clustering.

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