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National Football Cup with 4 built-in camera’s

Tuesday 2 May 2017

During the Dutch national cup final (KNVB Cup) on April 30 in the Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam, the KNVB Cup suddenly transformed into a live multicamera.

At the request of producer EndemolShine and Fox Sports, Broadcast Rental built four mini-cameras in the cup: three GoPro Hero 4 and a Marshall HD lipstick camera. The latter took care of the live images coming from the cup.

There were quiet a few challenges in the project, according to Martijn Swart: “The cameras in the cup had to stay in record mode for a few hours and that is simply not possible with the GoPro standard battery. To solve this we used some powerful powerbanks, the ones that usually charges your phone in case of emergency, which could each feed a camera. The Marshall camera was powered by a professional battery and sent live to the OB-truck with a DTC Nano transmitter. Here came along our second challenge: the KNVB Cup is completely made out of metal and does not have an open cup where an antenna can be inserted. The bottom of the ‘Pineapple’ offered a solution. In the few inches of space we could place a transmitter antenna, which allowed the images to be switched live. ”

A replica of the original KNVB cup was used for the project, which was made for this occasion by the specialized firm W. Van Veluw from the city of Zeist.

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