A variety of regular broadcast cameras and specialised cameras such as super-slowmotion or ultra-slowmotion cameras

Bradley Camball 3 / S3 PTZ camera (1 cam set)

Bradley Camball 3

The Bradley Camball 3 offers full HD broadcasts and SD / HD images are remotely configurable. The Camball 3 is fully weather resistant and can be left outside for a long time in all kinds of weather conditions. It can be mounted in both directions. By means of slip rings, the Camball is able to pan continuously 360 degrees. Wide angle converter can be easily mounted on the camera. All camera functions can be controlled remotely via our RCPs. This camera is used on many high-end programs worldwide. The console offers the operator the possibility to operate several Bradley Camballs at the same time by means of a joystick. 99 preset positions can be stored and recalled. This includes: Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus for each preset. These positions, and all camera settings, are automatically stored in non-volatile memory. Long-distance communication via fiber is also possible!

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