A variety of regular broadcast cameras and specialised cameras such as super-slowmotion or ultra-slowmotion cameras


Broadcast Rental Cambox


Meet our new, fully remote & portable CAMBOX!The Broadcast Rental Cambox is an innovative, plug & play solution, containing everything that an AV-crew can provide. Video, light and sound – all can be controlled remotely – anywhere you want! No crew on the road, no transport or hotel costs and less impact on the environment. The Cambox is a flexible, secure solution that removes many of the aspects of traditional production, without sacrificing quality. The ideal solution for studio guests or speakers who cannot come to a television studio or don’t want to meet with an AV-Crew. This allows for participation in the television broadcast at a high-quality level. The Cambox can be used by anyone. Once it is placed at the location of your choice, the Cambox only needs to be switched on and a high-quality signal can be received anywhere you want. The signal is sent via ethernet, WiFi or 4G/5G bonding.  

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