A scalable and lightweight UHD Fly-Pack


Ultra-compact portable solution that delivers a powerful workflow to simplify and support complex live productions anywhere in the world.


The Broadcast Rental Fly-Pack is designed for large UHD productions. At its heart is the Ross Ultrix router together with Axon Cerebrum control platform. In the key aspects of the setup we’ve chosen to use IP, such as our RTS Odin Intercom, Tallysystem, KVM extension and Dante audio distribution. Based on this proven IP infrastructure, our Fly-Pack is ready to deliver any future needs of our clients.

Ross Ultrix

The core of the pack is the Ross Ultrix 144 x 144 router with it’s immense production power within such a compact unit. This router is equipped with all available licenses, such as twelve multiviewer outputs and embedding and de-embedding madistreams. In the standard set-up, the Fly-pack is equipped with Ross XPression graphics and a Ross Carbonite Black production switcher as these have both been proven and reliable solutions.

Axon Cerebrum

With Axon’s Cerebrum control and monitoring platform, the quarantee engineer can control multiple systems at the same time. With a costumized pre-configured setup, the Fly-Pack is up and running within a heartbeat. Audio, video, cameras – Cerebrum controls them all and it couldn’t be simpler to use. Our new Fly-Pack is small in size, but with Cerebrum at its heart, the production opportunities to our clients are beyond boundaries.

Modular, compact and lightweight

The Fly-Pack is one of a kind because of its diminutive size. We have made every effort to design a lightweight system with a small footprint that could be easily transported on a commercial flight, ensuring mobility and speed of deployment. During its design, the system had to be of a modular and scalable so that more cameras, recording, playout, RF-transmissions and audio features could be added if required to provide a streamlined workflow.
The production desks are designed by our inhouse R&D department. They can easily be stacked on a Euro-pallet for transportation. Size and weight is key, which is also reflected in the equipment choices we’ve made.


The Fly-Pack has succesfully been used by clients at live events across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Due to the modular set up of the system, the Broadcast Rental Fly-Pack is ideal for any type of production worldwide. It is eminently suited for multi-day productions anywhere in the world.


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