BCR Fly Pack 144x144

Broadcast Rental Fly-Pack

BCR Fly Pack 144x144

A scalable and lightweight UHD Fly-PackBroadcast Rental’s new modular and UHD-capable Fly-Pack system is an ultra-compact portable solution that delivers a powerful workflow to simplify and support complex live productions anywhere in the world. The set up is prepared for up to 16 camera channels, but is easy to expand to up to 24 camera channels by adding another CCU module.The customer can decide on the brand and type of camera to be used.  Fly-Pack can not only accommodate common B4 mount cameras like Grass Valley and Sony, but can also accommodate large sensor cinema cameras  – in combination with Ereca Camracers – such as the Sony Venice, F55 or Arri Alexa. The Fly-Pack affords the use of any brand desired. In addition, the brand of the intercomsystem, audiodesk, and videoswitch are flexible if required. You can choose any brand you prefer.

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