Ross Xpression Graphics System

Ross Xpression graphics system

Ross Xpression Graphics System

XPression is a true real-time motion graphics render engine with no lag between keyboard entry and system operation. Unlike other systems which depend on constant disk access and seek times on the drive, XPression uses intelligent caching to provide real-time access to content. XPression software editions now define the channel configurations. Standard Definition all the way to UHD/4K in SDI, NDI™ and now SMPTE-ST; XPression can provide the right configuration for your productions. With up to 8 active Video I/O ports on the 4RU HD-SDI system, select the edition which is right for you. Users can assign video I/O ports as active video inputs, video or key outputs and hardware preview outputs. Choose between HD-SDI, 12G or IP-based video configurations, and have the confidence that the 4RU XPression engines will scale with the needs of your facility. Increase the channel capacity by upgrading the XPression Software edition.

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