Camera heads, tri-pods, lens support; anything that will support your camera is available. Our engineering department is also specialised in custom mounts, contact us should you have ideas.

Vinten Vector 700H Fluid Head

Vinten Vector 700 Pan/Tilt Head

The Vinten Vector 700 and 700H pan and tilt heads are designed for studio and outside broadcast (OB) use and will support a variety of camera, lens and prompter combinations up to 70 kg (154 lb) in weight. The unique counterbalance system enables payloads with centre of gravity (C of G) heights from 80 mm (3 in.) to 200 mm (8 in.) for Vector 700 and 80 mm (3 in.) to 250 mm (10 in.).Drag is provided by the Vinten thin-film (TF) system which provides stepless adjustment of drag. A wide variation of the drag setting to suit operator preference is available on both pan and tilt axes and ‘whip’ movements may be executed irrespective of drag setting. The pan and tilt axes are each provided with a brake. The head is fitted with a sliding plate giving a large range of fore and aft adjustment. This adjustment can be extended by moving a wedge adaptor to one of three positions on the sliding plate.

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