Radio 538 Kingsday

Tuesday 30 April 2024

This yearly event started out to celebrate the birthday of King Willem Alexander, but after many successful editions the crown on this celebration is the 538 Kingsday event. This year held in Breda.

40.000 spectator, 40 artist, 11 hours live TV

Drawing a staggering crowd of 40,000 dressed in orange spectators who eagerly immersed themselves in 11 hours of non-stop entertainment. The lineup showcased over 40 artist which gave their best performances. While the live show enthralled the audience, this events was turned into live radio and tv broadcasted on TV538.

Wireless camera's

Behind the scenes, Broadcast Rental played a crucial role as the technical supplier of the RF, ensuring seamless wireless camera connections. With 2 handheld cameras, 1 Agito, and a steadicam to optimize the flexibility to capture the emotion on and offstage for the viewers at home.

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